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Hudson Bay • Nunavut • Canada

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"Marble Island... even 'awesome' doesn't describe it!"
"An experience I'll never forget."

Whether you are an eco-tourist, a photographer, a history buff, a diver or a passenger on a cruise ship -- or simply visiting nearby Rankin Inlet -- you will be intrigued by the combination of myth, history, tragedy and haunting natural beauty that is Marble Island.

Marble Island (Latitude 62 41; Longitude 91 08) is in northwestern Hudson Bay, nine miles (15 km) off the Nunavut mainland. See maps:

The four islands of Marble Island are accessible by cruise ship or tour boat from Rankin Inlet, 40 km (24 mi.) away.  

Here is a Map of North America showing Nunavut (Nunavut is in yellow. Rectangle shows area around Rankin Inlet. Follow link, below, to Map of Marble Island.)

Map of Marble Island signpost

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